RX14 (Chris Hobbs) @chris

@sir @dtluna Yeah well let be honest here, emacs by itself is bloated as fuck.

@dtluna @sir It's the editor i've felt the most productive in. tramp-mode and all that.

@sir it's productive as fuck

@dtluna @sir Spacemacs is what I use, because it's got very good defaults.

@sir they have decent package systems, but emacs is truly on another level.

I can't wait until ActivityPub solves all this Ostatus incompatability shit. Or at least we'll know who's in the wrong.

@quad I don't do work at all

@quad just dont do it then. Do you job come home and relax

@quad why not just do less shit

@quad My keyboard is remapped to shit, my emacs is configured to shit, I use a terminal font I like, my zshrc is fucking long as shit. It's worth more just to script that shit so it works anywhere.

@quad I don't see why you would need more than 1 laptop and a dock.

@quad just don't use multiple machines.

@quad I'd get it if you'd fucking scripted your install. But you havent. You've just done nothing to configure your linux, and I think that's stupid. You waste so much productivity doing that.

@quad How the fuck is bluescreens any way related to heavy use

@quad reinstalling shit all the time is inefficient. Wasting time not automating and configuring shit how you want is inefficient.

@quad seems like all that reinstalling is time you could take doing other shit. It's dumb. Whats the point of linux if you don't configure it.